10 Healthy Habits that can Kick Start Healthy Eating

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

1. Be Adventurous

Try new health foods whenever possible to reduce the chance of boredom. Explore popular healthy food blogs for new recipes to try. Look into buying vegetables you have never seen and learn how to prepare them. Chances are you may find an all time favorite.

2. Drink More Water

Drink enough through out the start and end of your days can help maintain a happy bladder.

3. Exercise

Engage in an activity and keep your body in motion. It will develop healthy endorphin's while maintaining you healthy and strengthen your muscles.

4. Prep Your Meals

Meal planning will help you make healthier food choices and reduce impulse decisions. Plan meals that you're excited for. Many people associate eating healthy with foods that are downright dull. Spice things up by mashing new ingredients. Be bold and open minded to try new foods!

5. Treat Yourself

It's OK to indulge and allow yourself a 'Cheat Day'.

6. Live Love Laugh

Do the things that make you happy!

7. Sleep

Get 7-8 hours of sleep. Don’t hit snooze, eat at least two hours before bed, and resist the urge to use your phone in bed (maybe try to read instead).

8. Keep it Real

Choose whole foods like fruits and veggies as well as whole grains and less of processed foods.

9. Think before you Eat

Food is fuel. Ask yourself if you are fueling for a healthy body or sabotaging your goals.

10. Keep a Food Journal

Log your meals. Make note of the meals you eat or plan to eat. This will allow you to make changes or adjust those planned meals ahead of time.

Be adventurous, Be patient, and Have fun!

This is a constant learning process for me — please share if you have any tips!































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