6 Phases of Fitness

Updated: Oct 20, 2017

Are you equipped for a fitness regimen? How do you approach your fitness regimen? Do you prepare ahead of time of what’s going to happen? Are you proactive or reactive in how you handle the ups and downs? I have learned that the main goal is to not let your emotions dictate your motivation. There will be many ups and downs! The key is on maximizing the ups and minimizing the downs. The starting phases for each individual may vary. Depending on their age, fitness levels, and previous physical activity. Fitness is as much emotional as it is physical.

Phase 1

Excited! You have finally made the decision to commit to a fitness regimen! Can't wait to start! Bought new gear and equipment! I am guilty of a l the of the above. Who else? You are on fire and excited to get started. The whole idea of getting back to the old you is thrilling enough.

Phase 2

You don't see fast results! Enthusiasm starts to to die down yet you are still warm! We realize that it will take long process to get where we want. I learned it the hard way! I needed to be told or learn: "I did not gain the weight overnight and can not expect to loose it over night"!

Phase 3

The momentum to keep going has evaporated! You are not seeing the results you were expecting to see. The little results you saw were just that; little and have stopped to show. This is a dangerous zone in which many of us quit! KEEP GOING!!!!

Phase 4

Here's where you have truly given up on the full throttle! You have given up on following the nutrition plans and even skipped few workout or two. In this phase I allowed my frustrations be in control. We start to make bad decisions because we allow our emotions to take over! In this phase it’s essential to keep showing up day after day. You will be surprised that some new results may start emerging again.

Phase 5

Now this phase is where it starts to get good. Your persistence is paying off! New results start to emerge! Here is where I noticed the habit I was forming without even knowing it or forcing it upon myself. The feeling is priceless! The satisfaction and pride gives you a boost of confidence and reignites the fire of Phase 1!

Phase 6

The fruits of your labor have paid off! You realize it works and this new lifestyle can be for you! You are proud as I am of f you that you did not give up! Your enthusiasm for this new adventure has you helping others find their way.

That is how I found my love for helping others. Looking forward to the opportunity to help you and for you to be a part of my Team!

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