Beachbody Performance

Updated: Oct 20, 2017

What is Beachbody Performance?

Beachbody Performance is the Supplement line created by Beachbody® to enhance your workout performance and help you achieve the results you seek from any fitness program.

5 Unique Supplements:

  • Energize

  • Hydrate

  • Recover

  • Recharge

  • Creatine

Energize - Energize is the Pre-Workout Supplement that will help you if you struggle with low energy, no motivation, or lack of focus to complete a fitness workout. It is formulated to enhance your performance by:

  • Boosting Energy and Endurance

  • Improve Exercise Performance

  • Sharpen your focus and reaction time

  • Increase your muscle power output

  • Delay exercise-induced muscle fatigue

Hydrate - Hydrate is the During Workout Supplement that will give you an ideal balance of carbohydrates, water, and electrolytes in an optimal concentration for better absorption. Keeping you hydrated with ultimate performance during your fitness activity. It is formulated to enhance your performance by:

  • Improving your exercise/activity performance

  • Improve your Endurance

  • Support your hydration during exercise/activity

  • Replace electrolytes lost during exercise

  • Increase your fluid absorption during exercise

Recover - Recover is the Post-Workout Supplement that will help you with exercise-induced muscle soreness, speed muscle recovery, support muscle growth, and improve strength recovery. It is formulated to enhance your performance by:

  • Speeding up your muscle recovery

  • Combat Exercise-induced soreness

  • Reduce muscle breakdown

  • Promote lean-muscle growth

  • Improve your adaptation to exercise/activity

  • Improve your muscle strength recovery time

  • Support your muscle glycogen recover

Recharge - Recharge is the Night Time Recovery Supplement that will help you accelerate your recovery time, combat exercise-induced muscle soreness and promote new muscle growth while you sleep. It is formulated to enhance your performance by:

  • Support overnight muscle recovery

  • Combat Exercise-induced soreness

  • Reduce muscle breakdown

  • Promote lean-muscle synthesis

  • Improve overnight your overall adaptation to exercise/activity

Creatine - Creatine is the Extra Boost Supplement that will help you boost your strength and power to improve your high-intensity performance, and enhance the effects of resistance training. It is formulated to enhance your performance by:

  • Improve your high-intensity exercise performance

  • Improve your muscle strength and power

  • Enhance the effects of resistance training

  • Enhance muscle glycogen recovery

Do you have to use them all?

No, the answer is No you Do Not have to use them all. It truly is an All-In-One System that work well together. Though each of them serve their own unique purposes that you can combine them or use them individually accordingly to your Fitness Level, Activity or Goals.

I myself only use Energize and Recover Supplements. I find them two to be more than just enough to get me through the workouts. I was using the Beachbody Energy and Endurance Pre-Workout and the P90x Recover Supplements prior the launch of the Beachbody Performance line. I can honestly say I have seen major differences between them. Both lines were excellent and helped me a lot. Though the Energy Endurance did keep me up the first time I used its indicated two scoops! Made me a little skeptical the first time I switched to Energize. The difference was noticeable right away. Energize did not keep me up like the Energy and Endurance and it lasted from start to finish of my workout. Most of all I was able to last and endure more of the intensity when need throughout the workout. I also never have produced so much sweat. Sweat that initiated like never before while still in the warm up phase. The Recover Supplement definitely alleviates the muscle soreness. It does not vanish it completely but yet it is more tolerable allowing me to enjoy them more!

Since using them my over all endurance level, sweat levels, and results have been amazing. I have seen faster results like never before using no supplements to using the old Beachbody Supplements to now their Performance Line! Hands down it has been part of my change and I am not changing them anytime soon. I just can't wait to see the full results and those yet to achieve in my Fitness Journey! If you like to try them Contact Me or visit Team Beachbody!

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