Benefits of Morning vs. Evening Workouts

Updated: Oct 20, 2017

Morning vs. Evening workouts is an ongoing debate. We all still have when it comes to initiating a Fitness routine. As if deciding to get started was not hard enough, yet we tend to make so many excuses and many have to do with time. I am guilty of using the time excuse to avoid a workout or used it a lot to justify why I was not working out at all. I am listing below some of the benefits of each time frame. Though it comes down to preference, and share my personal experience.

Benefits of Morning Workouts

Get it done and out of the way

Increases energy levels throughout the day

Kick starts metabolism

Avoid crowds if done at a gym facility

Get it done before anyone (kids) wake up and in comfort of your home

Better for muscle building

Induces a positive mood throughout the day

Can lower blood pressure

Improves Sleep

Improves cognitive function by stimulating growth factors that support brain development

Benefits of Evening Workouts

Lower risks of injury and better flexibility

Avoid early morning wake up alarms and snooze in

Blow off steam from the day's activities

Feel less rushed to get it in before work

Better for endurance and strength training

Less post-workout soreness

Accountability of having a partner available to join you

I initiated my fitness journey doing the workouts in the afternoon. I will be honest that the idea of kick starting a 3 a.m. workout routine was crazy and not easy. Later on and to this day I have found them to be easy and doable. At first the simple idea of dragging myself out of bed was a struggle and let alone that it was for a workout. Once I got into the routine it became second nature. I would prepare my workout DVD and clothing the night before. I have noticed that I do tend to be more energized throughout the day and end up ready for bed as early as 9 pm. Working out for me allows me to go to bed tired and sleep through the entire night without any problems. Working out in the morning allows me to enjoy the afternoons with my daughter. There was a time I switched to evening workouts and the difference was noticeable. During the day I did feel a bit sluggish or tired but with good amount of energy to get through the day. It was a great stress reliever in deed especially on those days I was not busy at work. After the workout I would be so full of energy and found it hard to fall asleep right away. Though I did sleep through the night without a problem once I managed to do so. The major downside was seeing my daughter sitting on the couch on her iPad or in another room watching TV. Yes, at times she would join me and she excited but others she was not into it at all. For me that was the deal breaker that made the decision of 3 or 4 a.m. workouts.

Energy and Consistency are the most important key factors for my workouts. Energy provides me with the fuel to power me through my workouts both mental and physical. Consistency is what will bring in the results and continue to motivate you to keep going. They are the elements that will fuel you through the workout routines to keep you coming back again. The true time to workout is what works for you and only you can make that decision. One way is to trying both workout times and seeing which one feels right for your needs. The most important thing is choosing a time of the day that you can stick with and form the habit of a workout routine. That time will be the one that will have you coming back for more each day!

So what are you waiting for??? Let's get started!

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