Find your 'Why'

Exercise is, hands down, hard work. It's time-consuming. Your body aches. You need fitness clothes and equipment. Why bother, right?

I have used all the known excuses to why not workout. Bet you have not heard the one about me being allergic to my own sweat? Is that even possible? It sure is for me. My body reacts to my own sweat by giving me rashes around my neck or face after a good sweaty workout. SO why should I even do it?

Growing up and all through University I was thin. Most even said I was too skinny. I was into workouts at a young age; from aerobics to Pilates. So what happened? Life is what happened. My mother found out that my allergy shots were the initial reason for my sudden weight gain. A few years right after that it turns out I needed an appendectomy. Little did I know of it, it was close to rupture. The procedure left me so bloated and many thought I was pregnant. No matter how on key I was with nutrition or exercising (it was very minimum), I couldn't drop the weight. In 2008 I find out I was pregnant and had an emergency C-Section. It became even harder to lose the weight or let alone regain my confidence. In 2009, I was up late at night watching TV when Insanity infomercial came on. In my mind I was like yeah I can do that. It is what I need. I ordered it but didn't go past week one. What was I thinking? It left me sore all over, out of breath, and disappointed in myself for not being able to complete it.

It took years for me to realize that I need to make the change happen. I decided to recommit in 2013. Why? Ah, my why. My angel, my daughter, became my why. She was my new found love of life and joy. She gave me all the reasons to why I should bounce back on my feet. The hardest part was seeing how out of shape I was that I could barely run after her without gasping for air. The most determining event was the day she asked me 'Mommy, why are you fat and I am not?' That was the last drop to a full glass of excuses. I had to do something and not just for me anymore. I wanted more energy. Most of all I want to be around for many years to come. To be able to play 'Tag your it' or simply watch her grow up. Most of all want to show her that she is my reason for living. That with hard work and determination anything is possible.

Fitness has become not only the reason for looking good. Nope. It has gone far and beyond that. It has made me realized the importance of personal growth and the power of feeling good about myself. It is a life saver that is at the reach of anyone. Taking care of yourself is the first step toward taking care of the relationship with others. Making time for exercise isn't selfish. The people around you deserve your best. The best version of you is a version that's physically and mentally strong. Working out gives you a feeling of accomplishment. All this physical activity will make you look better. Both of these help improving your self-esteem. Your newfound self-esteem allows you to create a cycle of positive reinforcement. This will keep you motivated and coming back to exercising.

I want to hear your 'Why'. I bet others too. Interested in having it featured? Email me.

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