How does a Challenge Group work

Updated: Oct 20, 2017

Find a Coach

Finding the right Fitness Coach can be hard. But in essence is it is all about finding that one person who will guide you. Check out my blog 'How do you know if a Beachbody® Coach is right for you?' on it for a better feel. Hoping to be a great candidate to help you on your new journey!

Choose a program

With the extensive growing library you can find a Workout Program that best suits you.

You can choose to buy an Individual Program or get Annual All Access.

Challenge Group Requirements

You will need to sign up to get a Beachbody Coach for accountability.

Choose and use a Beachbody Program

Choose to use Shakeology as a Meal or Snack Replacement EVERY SINGLE DAY! Yes, Shakeology is optional but it is a great combination for success. Why? Fitness goes hand in hand with nutrition and if you struggle in one you fail. Shakeology helps you stay on track with your nutritional balance. I have seen the best results with it on both my journey and others on our Team!

NOTE: I am working with fully committed friends/clients not looking to become a nuisance for you and seeing no efforts on your end. The results come from your commitment 99% and 1% may come from my efforts of pushing you past your limits. You will need to follow the workout schedule and nutrition guide. The nutrition guides are designed specifically for the workouts for a reason.

You MUST be consistent with your workouts and nutrition. That is one thing I can not do for you. I can only check in with you and assist you as best to my abilities and knowledge.

You MUST do Daily Check-In or Required Check-Ins in our Private groups via Facebook Page or My Challenge Tracker App and Portal.

You MUST post at least ONCE per day in our Private groups via Facebook Page or My Challenge Tracker App and Portal. This will show your commitment to the challenge, to the other members of the group and to your coach. By doing so you are sharing your journey and encouraging others to continue. It is the best form of accountability and lets you keep track of your struggles and hard work! If you are not posting, it shows that you aren’t committing, that you are losing motivation and/or are struggling. I get it, there will be hard days and we will not be in the mood. Remember you didn't gain the weight overnight and can not expect to loose it overnight. If you don’t post you will also be letting the others down. We work as a Team WE need you to be there to help support us as well.  If you are struggling, then post. If you are losing motivation, then post. If you are killing it, then post. Don’t deprive someone else the opportunity of being encouraged by you or of encouraging you.


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