How I came across Beachbody® and Shakeology®

Updated: Oct 20, 2017

Who knew coming across an Insanity Infomercial would initiate my Beachbody® experience. I was unhappy with my body changes and lack of support in my life. My first thoughts were 'heck I can do that and its what I need'. Growing up as a teen I was always into Aerobics and Pilates so thought I can handle Insanity®. Boy was I wrong!!!! Insanity® was way out of my league. It kicked my butt so bad that I ended up quitting within the first week without trying the complete program. Two years later, I decided to commit to the program and start this fitness journey to make the change happen.

Now I didn't buy Shakeology® due to my unemployed status and because I have never been a fan of Protein shakes. Well it was not until 2013 that I made the decision to try it and bought my first bag at regular price. What convinced me to do so? Was it the constant commercials after every DVD or the money back guarantee? I mean who could pass on 'Money Back Guarantee' even if the bag is empty for those first time buyers?!?! I was skeptical and scared of how it would taste and if it would be the same experience I before have had. To my surprise I enjoyed it from the first serving to the last serving of the bag. I noticed an improvement in energy and mood. I felt like a new person filled with this new found energy and spirit.

That's when I made the decision to become a Team Beachbody Coach® and commit to a better lifestyle. I was not thinking of becoming a Coach as a full time for many reasons and well it was something that didn't cross my mind. My decision was to get the discounted price on Beachbody® programs and Shakeology®. Like many of you my thought was this is too expensive there's no way. It is expensive yet the investment is priceless when you see all the positive changes that it makes. Also by simple adjustments made to my spending habits, I found out it was doable. The Changes I made to afford Shakeology®

  • STOPPED buying sweets like candy, chocolate, cookies, etc.

  • DON'T buy fancy coffee drinks such as Starbucks®

  • DON'T eat out to fancy and non fancy restaurants or go out to social events

  • DON'T have GYM Membership

  • DON'T buy the latest gadgets, handbags, or name brand clothes

The Benefits I have noticed using Shakeology®

  • REDUCED cravings for junk food and sweets

  • REDUCED catching of the common cold and allergy attacks

  • REDUCED my allergy symptoms

  • INCREASED energy levels

  • IMPROVED moods

Why Shakeology® is worth it

To me the benefits from Shakeology® are huge and well worth its value! In the long run I am saving on medication expenses and doctor's visits. I can go on naming many more reasons but those are my main ones. Now like you may have thought or said to yourself the price is insane!?! Yes, that was my first thoughts as well! I was very hesitant due to no income, thought it was something I couldn't do and let alone afford. Also there have been times that I am like what am I doing I can't afford it. I even cancelled my Home Direct shipments once but only to realize it was a big mistake. My moods, energy and most of all my immune system worsen! Making me see that it is worth it and that I need it! Shakeology® improves my body's mechanism in many ways. It has become a major part of my everyday routine. I see the difference when I miss one day of it and it does make the difference on how my day goes. Shakeology® is definitely not like any regular protein shake out there. Its many benefits make it much more than any other protein shake. My confidence in it is so much that I trust it giving it to my daughter and she Loves it! It helps her fight the common colds; which she is bound to get quite often through out a regular school year! Now you can't tell me that's not huge to be able to trust it with your kids?!

Try it for yourself, their Sample Packs that come with all the flavors so you can pick your favorites! Contact me and let's get started!

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