How to Tell if a Fitness Tracker is right for you

Updated: Oct 20, 2017

In the past years we have seen a massive invasion of Fitness Trackers and gadgets promoting you to get up and move. I, myself, was in disbelief. I didn't buy into it at first but as I got myself deeper in my fitness journey I got curious to if they worked.

My first purchase was a Garmin watch with a heart rate monitor belt that well did its job. Then again I was not to savvy on how it worked or how it was to work. I loved the idea of seeing the number of calories burned during a workout. Or how my heart rate was progressing with the intensity of the workouts. The drag was the linking of the data, which had to be through USB hub. The USB hub was to connect to a PC with Bluetooth and an app loaded in order for it to sync the data. Now to this day I have yet to get it to sync or even figure the whole syncing process out.

About a year ago, I invested in a new Fitness Tracker and well went all out. Why? I bought the Under Armour Health Box Bundle. It included Fitness Tracker Band, Heart Rate Monitor and Digital Scale. I bought into the idea of it all coming together with a phone app and that it gave you Graph images of your activities. The app is so easy and simple to use yet I have some features to explore and the constant updates are amazing. Now one thing about it, I have called in customer service twice due to the belt snapping off. The first time it happened was during a workout and slid off my hand. I thought it had snapped off but i was wrong because it was the strap that had come apart from the band base. I tried placing back in place and it didn't snap back on. My second time was while at work and walking from my desk to the print station that the band fell off. It was due to the same issues and of course I immediately contacted UA's Customer Service. Both incidents have been the major drawback with the fitness tracker. I am first to admit that the Customer Service aspect surpass it. I received a replacement (brand new band) for both reported incidents. The band does come with a smaller replacement strap but feel it is too tight on my wrist. Aside from the annoying strap issues, I am still loving my Under Armour Fitness Tracker.

Benefits of a Fitness Tracker

A major given benefit is that they are an option that may help to keep you moving. Increase your motivation through feedback. Most of all you gain the physical fitness/weight loss you desire. The use of one have shown to increases your exercise or activities time. I get to track the calories or heart rate while working out pushes me to give a little more effort. It definitely does not allow me to quit.

1. Motivation - Allows your fitness routine to feel like a desirable activity rather than a drag. The progress tracking within the device show your progress and level of endurance.

2. Accountability - It keeps you accountable of your activities and challenges. Many come with personalized reminders and other tools that can even tell when you are not in motion.

3. Accuracy - Note that they may not be 100% accurate. Yet they can give you details on your activity and endurance through graphs. Most important it gives you an idea of the steps you have taken or desire to take.

4. Functions - Many come equipped with built-in Functions that help improve your health. Built-in functions that help you track your activity. Providing you with feedback and recommendations for improvement.

Take into account what activities you would like to track . It is important that you think through your personal goals and spending limits. My advice is that you find information on the trackers available to you and see if it is a right fit for you. Did you know you can even try out a Fitness Tracker before buying? I sure didn't know this option was available until I came across Lumoid. They are one of many companies that rent out and test gadgets for a flat fee prior buy.

What Fitness Tracker to do you use? Let us know

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