How You Talk to Yourself Can Inspire Your Success

Updated: Oct 20, 2017

You are a beautiful and unique individual. Yet you do tend to forget this greatness about yourself. Yes, I am talking to you, my true innersole.

Are you guilty of talking down to yourself? Have you listened to yourself lately? Have you noticed your reaction to your own negativity? I know I am guilty of it all! It has been a rough journey realizing how my own negativity has affected my life. It is a bad habit that did not happen overnight and it will not be something that will improved over night. It will be a long road that will involve emotional healing but most of all success in all aspects of my life.

Did you know that the one person you talk to the most throughout the day is yourself? That's right, we talk to ourselves every other second of our day and as crazy it sounds you may be denying it right now. I have learned that you can turn your life around by the way you speak to yourself. I have learned that you and ONLY you have the full power of how things can turn out for you. The key to success is learning to embrace your experiences. Accept them as they are without bringing yourself down. Instead, take the experiences and allow them to empower you but it must begin on how you speak to yourself. Your future quality of life will depend on the decisions you make. Making a decision based on your situation or crisis determines the turn out of the situation. Evaluating the situation prior acting out of anger can let you access the situation. Acting out of anger can only cloud your judgment and actually make your problem even bigger than it is. You can do this change by moving on without any feeling or dis-empowering thoughts. The best way is to react to the best interest of yourself as if you were doing so to a friend. Consider yourself a friend and talk to yourself like you talk to others. The change will be so powerful that you will feel different.

'Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones you'll start having positive results.' - Willie Nelson

I am currently learning to silence the negative self talk that involves "I am not good enough". I have begun by shutting out all those who have said I am worthless or will not succeed. I am at fault for allowing them to get in my head and feed my mind of such ideas that I began to believe. I have come to the realization that I am telling myself those exact same words. Talking this way to myself not only has it affected my life but it has shaped who I am. The person I have become is one with so many insecurities, self doubt, and negativity. It has only led me to believe that I am worthless. I have set up walls and I have not accomplished my goals do to fear of not being good enough. I have even made situations up believing things that were not there. Limiting myself in this belief has been the worst regret ever. It has only led to me self destruction. Learning to unplug my mind has been challenging but it is one I am accepting and sticking my guns too. I will not lie it is a great challenge to see obstacles in a positive way and no you will not always will. I admit that I am not always calm or positive when it comes to reactions but that is part of the learning process. The biggest challenge is learning to stop yourself before acting and making it a lot worse than it is. Focusing my attention on creating a positive outcome allows me to focus on a solution to fix the problem. The first step of this process has been taking full responsibility of my actions. That it is my responsibility how my life is and it is my responsibility to find the way to be successful. Having done this and putting into practice has lifted some weight off my shoulders.

Our minds have the tendency of predicting and planning everything that’s going to happen. At times it includes what we would like to see happen. The reality we forget or ignore that an outcome is not possible to control. These expectations only leave us with negative effects. Most of all it leaves us less powerful than we can actually be. Taking full responsibility changes the outcome of situations. It is the art of letting things happen as they are to be and accepting them. Letting go of expectations is the only way you can achieve success. It is getting out of your mind and shutting down the negative self talk. Allowing the mind to talk to you different can change many perspectives and aspects of your life. It only leads you to your goals and successful living. The choice is yours to make if you are willing to change the conversations you have with yourself. You have to be unwilling to continue listening to the negative side of you. NO ONE can free you but YOU! Change your thoughts, change your life because you are not your thoughts and you are not defined by them. Stop allowing your thoughts define who you are or let alone decide your destiny

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