Learning to Sprout

Updated: Oct 20, 2017

As I sit back and reflect on this fitness adventure, I am in awe to see how far I have come. If someone would tell me how far I would get; I would definitely be in disbelief and tell them to go away.

The decision I made to start this journey has been by far the best ever made. It has led me to discover my inner strength. I have learned to sprout again but most of all I have learned to love myself again. Let me tell you that it has been loaded with tons of ups and downs. Many of which included thoughts of quitting or regrets of why I ever started. I was quick to tell myself 'what was the point? I am not getting anywhere and seeing no change.' What changed you may ask?.... Well finally linked the missing pieces that were personal development and Faith.

Many of the training's I did insisted it was necessary and that it was crucial part of fitness and I ignored. Ignored them because I was in a stage of my life that was like yeah I don't need that. Once I was able to focus and add it to the process it finally lit a spark inside me. One that said 'ENOUGH'! I will let you know that it is what has led me to finding myself again and seeing how strong I am. It is the true value of fitness because without the 'Mental Training and Faith' you have nothing. They are essential because they help you heal. Now know for sure that I am not there yet and may even have a lifetime to cover. Though one thing I am certain is that it has began the Emotional healing I was seeking. I have yet to heal but I am certain I am at peace with myself and inner demons. I have learned to speak to myself differently and shut out the negative voice. Shutting down these demons has led me to the amazing results I have accomplished.

So my advice to you in order to sprout and start the same process is to keep at it. Keep going forward without looking at the past. Allow time to Heal the wounds and the process to work. You have to work hard at it and trust the Universe, higher power or God. Learn to let go of the past and Forgive. It is the only way you can sprout and blossom. It will release a lot of Negativity that you carry and bring down the walls you have created. Those are the things weighing you down and keeping you from blossoming. You have to remember that you are one of a kind, have the uniqueness no one can compare to. It is the Beauty of being you and makes you stand out in crowds. Do not allow that spark within you die; no matter what!

I am enjoying this moment and will not allow my own walls stop me or anyone for that reason either. I have come so far and have begun to believe in myself. The satisfaction of realizing it myself and hearing others tell me that they can't believe me when I say I am shy. That is the reward of this journey. Sharing with others what helps you and letting them know they too can achieve it!

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