Liift 4: Day 1 - Week 1

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Started the week off by kickstarting another round of Liift 4. I am in love with weight lifting that this program has become my 'All Time Favorite'! I have gotten toned and lost inches off with it but of course I let life happen. Stress has played a major factor on my weight gain once again. What truly fuels me is knowing I have accomplished weight loss before that I am determined to keep it up and keep it stable.

Of course Day 1 is always dreadful because of the measurements and photos needed to record to see your progress as you proceed further into any workout journey. I must keep in mind that I am already winning half the battle by simply getting started. I know that in the end recording this process will show me the hard work and dedication I put in through the results I gain from it.

I got up this morning at 12:45 am and truly was more asleep than awake. I have found that working out early while everyone is asleep helps me kickstart my day right. Especially the benefit of doing so is the zero interruptions that gets me through the workout faster! I decided that this round I will be using different weights in the 3 sets (sort of like it is done in Body Beast - going from light to heavy). I most defintely felt in the third set with the heavier weights! Hoping this helps change the intensity of this workout and gives me the change I am looking for in my results.  

How I felt after completing the workout...I felt energized. There were some reps were I wanted to quit because my arms were hurting but managed to push through by telling myself I could do this. Today's workout was Chest and Triceps which definitely were felt through out the entire workout. I did modify in the Hiit Component moves. I was simply worn out and of course some of the moves hurt my knees. Looking forward to getting stronger that by mid program I can keep up more and modify less. My arms through out the rest of the morning felt tight and know the soreness will kick in mid day into tomorrow. I do enjoy such feeling because that lets me know I worked the targeted areas as planned and the change will come!

Regardless what time frame you decide to start it is a win! Simply keep going forward and show up daily!































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