Liift 4: Day 2 - Week 1

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Today's workout was Back and Biceps. I am not feeling extremely sore from yesterday's workout in part thanks to my Recover shake. What I am feeling is tight in my Triceps and Chest. Love it when I feel soreness or tightness on the areas that were focused on from a workout. It makes feel the process is working!

Back to today's workout, back and biceps. I absolutely loved today's workout in part because it was without the Hiit component! What can I say I am a girl who loves to lift and not much of a fan of Cardio! I was never a fan of it growing up either what can I say I have fallen in love with lifting. I won't lie today's workout was tough. There were many reps my arms were giving out. That's when you have to get the extra push and put the mind to work. Becoming your own cheerleader and telling yourself you can do this! I am so glad to have been able to be in rhythm with the crew and keeping up with them in every rep.

The fun part is seeing the muscles flex and pop out as you do the reps. That to me is the icing of a workout. It most definitely makes me want to not stop at all. Especially when I spend the day feeling the arms tight or feeling the bumps start to show up! Definition in my arms are definitely coming in. They better I mean this is like my 4th round or so (I have lost count). Looking forward to truly see the notification and definition of my hard labor.































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