Liift 4: Day 5 - Week 1

Today's Workout was Legs. That’s right the infamous and dreaded Leg Day! Of course waking up at 2am to get my workouts in is battle within itself some days. Just imagine Leg Day!

But that’s the thing no matter how I dread it actually look forward to it because I know it is making my legs stronger and firmer. It is the best workout to prove to yourself that you are tougher than you actually think! I know for sure it is extremely challenging but worth the battle. It was a 39 minute workout. It took me an entire 60 minutes. Between making sure my form was right. That I repeated the ones I wobbled in to get it the right rep. And of course every workout takes me a little longer since I have to pause to change my bowflex dumbbells. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE them. They don’t take up space and they go up as high as 55 lbs. The only tedious part is putting my workout in pause and bending down to downsize or upgrade and it simply makes me want to stay paused. That’s when I know I can’t take forever doing the change and jump right in! All in all with the right gear. The right shoes, weights, and energy drink loved pushing through it. The best part is the two day soreness in my lower body! That is priceless because I know I worked my butt off!

Just another round of Liift 4: Day 5 - Week 1 (Legs)!

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