My Journey

Posting this for me is a little hard. For one I am not one to be on social media or social media savvy. Two to be posting this is a bit hard. I know it's the best way to see my progress.

Growing up was not easy because kids are tough on other kids. Well let's say I got bullied. From name calling. To told I was too short, that I was ugly, too skinny, etc. you name it. Let's not get into the pronunciation of my name that rhymed with diseases or stomach viruses. To this day I am still told many things and well I have learned to grow with the punches.

This fitness journey has helped me realize many things about myself. For example the tough skin I failed to realize I have to tolerate the bullying; among other things. It also made me realize that what others think does not matter because I am the only one that matters when it comes to me. This journey has also taught me so many things about fitness and personal growth. It has developed this new person I am. I am someone who believes in herself, her strengths, and sees that anything is possible with hard work. Posting this (for those of you still reading) is one major goal accomplished. It's part of me coming out of a shell that I have been hiding in. It's a new beginning of amazing things yet to come. Hoping others get inspired and join me. But most of all that they realize that they too can do amazing things! I may NOT be there yet but heck I am sure one step closer!

Thank you for ALL the Support; couldn't have done this without you!☺️💕

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