My Promise to YOU

Updated: Oct 20, 2017

Posting this for me is a little hard because for one I am not one to be on social media and two I am not an expert blogger....

....growing up was not easy because kids are tough on other kids and well let's say I got bullied. From called names to told that I was too short, that I was ugly, too skinny etc. You name it. Let's not get into the pronunciation of my name that rhymed with diseases or stomach viruses. To this day I am still told many things and well I have learned to grow with the punches....

This fitness journey has helped me realize many things about myself. For example the tough skin I have to tolerate the bullying; among other things. It also made me realize that what others think does not matter because I am the only one that matters when it comes to me. This journey has also taught me so many things about fitness and personal growth. In turn developing this new person out of me. I am someone who believes in herself, her strengths, and sees that anything is possible with hard work.

I took the chance and committed on a Beachbody program. I became sick of my situation and decided no more. As a mom, so many times we put our families first and our needs seem to get pushed to the back burner. I’m sure many can relate. I am realizing that my desire to be healthy is important to the well being of my family. What kind of example have I been setting? What kind of example should I be setting? 

Over the past 2 years I have lost 30 pounds and have been able to maintain that loss with small fluctuations. I want to lose 20 more and gain more toning. My journey with Beachbody has been in and out of my life; heck life happens. The workouts, people, coaches, everything about them is soooo inspirational! Beachbody always has me combing back into my life because it is real and it works! They believe in me when many times I doubt myself.  I know that if weight loss was easy then everyone would be thin. The truth is, it is hard! Life in general makes it hard. My life is CRAZY busy, but I am making the choice to schedule in my 30 minute workout EVERY DAY! I deserve it and I NEED it! Will I have days that my will power is weak? Absolutely. Am I going to let that define me? Absolutely not. I’m not perfect and I won’t expect myself to be. As a Beachbody coach I long to help others who need motivation, inspiration, or just someone to vent to. I want to help others succeed in their weight loss journey. We all need a starting point. Who is with me?

I may NOT be there yet but heck I am sure one step closer!

What I promise to you?

My Free Fitness Coaching. Personally to me it is more of FRIENDSHIP! You will notice I treat and respect you as a Friend I have known for years. Only difference is I will get to know you better each day! My support and guidance by sharing what I have learned along the way. We will be learning together new methods as well. This friendship will help both of us grow! We are all different and what works for me doesn't work for everyone!

Posting this (for those of you still reading) is one major goal accomplished. It's part of me coming out of a shell I have been hiding in. It's a new beginning of amazing things yet to come. Hoping others like yourself get inspired and join me. Most of all that YOU realize that YOU too can do amazing things! WE can to this together! I would love to help you and get you started into one of my upcoming online accountability groups!

Thank you for ALL the Support; couldn't have done this without you!

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