The Cost of Shakeology

Updated: Oct 20, 2017

The cost of Shakeolgy always comes to shock people. I include myself in that group because I was skeptical of it as well.

At least 60% of your fitness success comes from proper nutrition. Let's get real I am not good at counting calories or following any strict diets especially when I am a picky eater!

I rely on Shakeology for my nutrition and immune system. It has become my favorite supplement and it is worth the cost! Shakeology is a whole-food based meal replacement shake. Packed with antioxidants, super foods, pro/pre-biotics, digestive enzymes, and phytonutrients. Learn more about its 70 + Ingredients from around the world by watching this video. It has helped people like myself loose weight by replacing a meal with it. Shakeology supports any of the home fitness programs available on Beachbody on Demand and you will see dramatic results, guaranteed.

Here’s the interesting thing. Even though people say they’d give anything to lose weight and get in great shape. Yet we struggle with the price of Shakeology, which is $130 for a 30-serving bag. There are many of excuses we can find or use (I know I used them).

When broken down, One meal of Shakeology is only $4 ($130 / 30 = $4.33). We tend not to hesitate to spend $4-6/meal or fancy coffee for any daily lunch out at ___________. Yet the thought of paying $4/meal of Shakeology makes us question our budget. Makes no sense. Remember, Shakeology isn’t a snack (though it can be used that way). It’s a meal. The breakdown is to understand the cost of Shakeology. By viewing the sticker cost and not viewing the true value is a problem we all commit. You must understand you are buying a full 30 Day worth meal. By viewing the sticker cost and not viewing the true value is a problem we all commit. You must understand you are buying a full 30 Day worth meal. You are spending upfront the money that you will be spending on a weekly basis. It can add up to $30+ per week on a particular meal.

I would say that Shakeology can actually save you money. Due to its nutrient profile, I don’t need to take a multivitamin every day. It boosts my immune system keeping me from catching random colds. That saves me some money on vitamins and cold medicine. It is my meal replacement at work and keeps me satisfied through out the day. Avoiding to have to buy extra protein bars for snacks. Less food needed means fewer trips to the grocery. Delivered to your door means less gas spent, which means more money saved. Even if the savings don’t equal $130/month, All these savings start to add up. Shakeology lowers or eliminates the price of other purchases. That to me compensates for the total price and preventative medicine factor. The healthier you are equals the less prone to disease, fewer trips to the doctor, less medicines needed, the list goes on. Hence giving the true value of Shakeology. Learn more about it at my personal Shakeology page. If after that you still have questions, shoot me an email or ask questions in the comments section

But with a money-back bottom-of-the-bag guarantee, I wouldn’t even waste another day. Make room in your budget, Try Shakeology (find your flavor). Stop putting off what could be the most important food you ever put in your body.

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