The Importance to Strengthen and Protect Lower Back Muscles

I suffer from lower back pains especially after my Emergency C-Section. I am always looking for ways to reduce and strengthen my lower back. It's true we all want chiseled arms, strong legs, etc. — but what about your lower back muscles? The primary job of the core is to support and stabilize your spine. It is important to develop a strong foundation, front to back.  

Your lower back muscles kick into gear to keep your spine stable every time you bend over to lift a heavy object. Lower back pains develop if the muscles are weak because they are not supporting your spine. There are so many reasons that you might develop back pain. It is important to consult a professional prior any exercise routine. To prevent back pain, you need to work on strength and flexibility. There a handful of exercises that you can include to any routine. Keep in mind that you never want to work your lower back muscles the way you would larger muscle groups. It is important to pay attention to your form especially when your're focusing on your lower back. Strengthening your lower back muscles is no guarantee against future back pain. Pain often prevents us from getting enough exercise or participating in any activity. The lack of exercise can worsen the pain by leading to stiffness, and weakness. Movement is necessary to keep the discs, muscles, ligaments, and joints healthy. The natural stimulus for the healing process is active exercise

Stop immediately if you ever experience severe discomfort when performing a lower back exercise. Exercise should never cause pain. If you do feel pain, you're either doing something wrong or something is wrong. Do not ignore your body.































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