Weight Loss Isn't Always the Goal

Updated: Oct 20, 2017

A fitness journey has so many different meaning to us all and it takes us down different paths. We all start a fitness journey with the main goal being weight loss. We later realize it goes beyond losing a few pounds. We learn it goes beyond weight loss because to achieve it you have to start with your inner well-being. Health what does it mean? "To be in good health" can have many meanings and aspects that all apply to your well-being. Many to which leads us to feeling energetic and capable to complete everyday tasks at hand. It is also a state of being physical or disease illness free allowing us to advance into old age. Yet we at times forget it also involves the mind and emotional well being.

There were many times that I would set a goal and see the numbers on the scale not move. Those days were devastating because I only welcomed negativity. I would be so disappointed to not have reached the desired number goal and did not embrace the hard work I put in. A negative state prolonged for days even months can only bring more negativity. It was not until recently that I started focusing on my emotional well being. I am currently working on the emotional healing. It is what has improved my results and health. Many of the obstacles were set by my lifestyle and events but the true responsible for it all is and has been me! I have learned that it is not about blaming me, others or circumstances. It is about taking and accepting full responsibility that the only one in charge is you!

You workout and as you start to progress you begin to feel healthy. This is true because you begin to fuel your body right creating new levels of energy that get you through the day. Though if you keep ignoring the mind it will only bring you defeat. I learned that it is more than weight loss. That is more about how I speak to myself or even treat myself. I had to learn to shut down the negativity and began to realize it became more than a weight loss goal. I have not been all the 100% positive sunshine. I have began to control myself from acting upon impulse and take time to observe the situations. Taking my time to response or react gives me new perspectives on the circumstances at hand. Make me realize they are not that big of a deal. It has become more of a well being goal that I am working hard on accomplishing. The road is and will be long even never ending but I am well on my way!

Life should be awesome, and you should do what you can to make it that way.

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