When should you Weigh-In? 4 Types of Weigh-Ins Choices

Updated: Oct 20, 2017

So, you have decided to start a healthier lifestyle. It involves exercising and a healthy eating plan. The time has come to check on on your progress but not sure when is the right time to do so. Ask yourself: “Will weighing myself (daily, weekly, etc.) help me or harm me?”. There is no right or wrong answer for how often to weigh yourself. From my experience it is all about finding out if it is helpful or not. Will it keep you motivated or determine if you should stop or keep going. The choice is your as you are the only one that knows yourself best.

#1 Daily Weigh-Ins

You are full of energy because you have started and want to track your progress daily. You have decided to step on the scale Daily. Beware this can be helpful and harmful to your fitness journey and emotional state. It provides a sense of accountability that you are doing the activities you set out to do. You are tracking your daily progress in a journal and it feels good to see the numbers go down. Keep in mind not everyday the numbers will go down. That's when you must be aware of its harmful effects. The scale can go up instead and this causes stress to you. You start doubting yourself and motivation is gone.

#2 Weekly Weigh-Ins

Your advantage here is having days in between to not worry about the number on the scale. Choose a day of the week and be consistent with It. Schedule it in the mornings. Morning are the best time from my experience because your muscles are fresh. Make sure it is at the same time each weigh-in.

#3 Occasional (Monthly) Weigh-Ins

The Occasional Weigh-Ins are at home, a gym or at a doctor's office. This is a great way to check your progress without stressing. A great alternative way for identifying weight shifts. You can rely your progress more on how your clothes fit or how strong you feel while exercising.


Throw the scale out the door. This way you can focus on how you feel and how your clothes feel. Allows you to focus more on your nutrition. Giving you more energy on your performance while completing an exercise. There’s much more to health than a number on the scale!

If you are weighing yourself many times per day, stop! The number on the scale can become an obsession and problematic. The option you choose should only to help you and not harm you. Find what works for you and stick to it!

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